Workflow Automation

Automate Action Within Platform

This Workflow governs the automation of customer messages. It streamlines the process of handling customer inquiries, ensuring that messages are efficiently directed to the appropriate agents and enabling businesses to manage customer interactions more effectively.

Unlock new use cases across all of your channels and teams

Faster time-to-market

Automate your marketing and customer service tasks with our intuitive visual builder.

Put the power of automation in the hands of your frontline teams and let managers implement and experiment faster, without relying on engineering resources.

Flexible integrations and workflows

Connect your existing tools and data sources to create multi-platform workflows and personalized customer journeys.

Easily automate and adjust message rules for two-way customer conversations across all popular channels.

Reduced development and marketing costs

Save on the typically high cost of building and maintaining automations by eliminating the need for technical expertise and custom engineering.

Automate repetitive tasks and reduce manual work, freeing up your teams to focus on more complex business needs.

Better customer engagement

Build intelligent chatbots by plugging in an AI vendor like Dialogflow or RASA to enhance the customer experience with faster, more personalized responses.

Respond to customer inquiries in seconds, 24/7 with the data to back up truly relevant responses and suggestions.

Making things easy for your customers doesn’t have to be hard

Create workflows with our intuitive visual builder

Flows lets you deploy production-ready workflows in no time at all.

Use Triggers to define which events initiate a workflow——from Auto Response to Agent actions and incoming messages. Then set up Actions to perform tasks like updating customer details, replying to messages, or looking up the latest order status.

You can even add conditional logic and create branching flows to create dynamic journeys.

Get started in minutes

Get a head start with fully customizable, plug-and-play templates—developed using years of industry insights and learnings on best practices.

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