Unified Messages Inbox

Single Thread Messaging Inbox

IS Messenger allows users to engage in seamless cross-platform communication through a single chat room. This innovative platform can efficiently identify customers from diverse channels, streamlining the process of customer interaction and support across various mediums.

An experience both agents and customers will love

Give your agents their time back

Empower your team to handle customer inquiries from SMS, WhatsApp, email, and social—all in one location, without the need to share logins or switch context.

Pull in customer data with Connectors to surface next to conversations, and help agents answer questions faster.

Improve customer satisfaction

Give your customers consistent, timely responses wherever they message your business.

Personalize every interaction and provide ways for customers to help themselves to avoid waiting on hold.

Automate the busy work

Use chatbots and automated workflows for repetitive tasks and answer common questions with our no-code visual builder, Workflow.

Let your agents work more efficiently, handle more customer inquiries, and focus on more complex requests.

Let AI give a helping hand

Assist your agents with quick-reply suggestions, and correct the phrasing of drafts before clicking send.

Auto-generate conversation summaries and internal notes to get new conversation participants up to speed faster.

True omnichannel support, the way your customers want it

Arm your agents with 360 view of the customer

The more an agent knows, the better service they can provide.

Connect your Shopify store, Salesforce instance, payment service provider, logistics platform and more — all synchronized onto the Contact.

Give your team direct insight into customer activity, previous orders, delivery status, invoices, and more without switching screens.

Access all channels from a single, unified inbox

Let customers reach out wherever they like and manage all conversations across SMS, WhatsApp, email, social, and more within one application.

Even if customers switch channels or contact details, they are consolidated into one.

Efficient Collaboration aided by Generative AI

Agents can add context with internal notes, invite teammates to participate in a conversation simultaneously, and easily assign conversations to other agents with the click of a button.

Organize your team’s workload

Labels, tags, and filters help agents quickly prioritize messages based on urgency and context.

Easily view the status—in progress, completed, or failed—and troubleshoot errors with detailed information within our platform.

Successfully implement this feature for various use case