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Connect with your audience, wherever they are

Consolidate data from any source into a single contact profile, distribute it to your mission-critical tools, and enable personalized interactions at scale.

Consolidate and automate: Faster for your team, better for your customers

Increase team efficiency with a single source of truth

Get a complete picture of every customer by combining traits, activity, and preferences from multiple data sources like your product, CRM, or ecommerce store.

Take the manual work out of data management. Keep data synchronized effortlessly across the entire platform.

Personalize every interaction

Contacts provide the foundation for personalization, allowing you to act on your data and deliver unique interactions.

With contacts you can create tailored messages, enable context-aware support, and deliver highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Data-driven automation

Leverage data in automations to streamline processes, and deliver personalized journeys. Initiate flows as data comes in and change direction based on your customer’s context.

Build self-service support experiences, conversational marketing bots, and context aware automations.

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Get valuable visibility into your customers’ behavior, preferences, and history to inform better marketing and service strategies.

Use IS Messenger’s CDP to analyze millions of data points and make more informed decisions about customer engagement programs.

Reach your customers in the right way with a single source of truth

Segmentation and targeting

Create more relevant, effective marketing campaigns—segment and target customers based on demographics, behavior, and preferences.

Tailor your messages and offers to customer purchase and browsing history, then add data to your contact profiles in real-time.

Unified customer profiles

Consolidate all your customer data into a single view. Create rich contact profiles from your app analytics, e-commerce store, CRM, and more.

Simple data integration

Build your contact list from existing sources or create new ones. Use Connectors to integrate popular tools like Salesforce and Shopify. Surface contact data directly in Campaigns, Inbox, and Flows to personalize every interaction.

Real-time data processing

Contacts processes data in real-time, enabling businesses to respond quickly to customer actions and provide personalized experiences in the moment.

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