Broadcast Messages

Multi-Channel Personalized Broadcast

Elevate communication with our feature. Send personalized messages across channels collectively, saving time. Tailor content, reach a wider audience. Strengthen relationships, amplify campaigns, and streamline coordination. Experience unified, impactful broadcasting today!

Personalized broadcast messages, send to any channel.

Better messages, higher engagement

Target your audiences more accurately and personalize the content of each message. Then, make them stand out even more by using rich media such as videos, images, and locations.

From notifications, to conversations

Improve conversions by giving customers the ability to reply. Combine Broadcast with Workflow to answer questions through chatbots or enable conversational commerce with in-chat checkouts.

Find the channel with the highest ROI

Discover the channel that works best for your marketing goals. Engage your audience through their preferred channels: SMS, WhatsApp, email, and more.

Track and analyze the performance of your campaigns across channels, helping you identify the channel with the best performance.

Faster time to market

Seamlessly integrate with your existing martech stack and boost your agility with intuitive workflow automation.

Speed up your experimentation cycle by having all your content, delivery, and analytics available in one centralized location.

Your goals, your way: Segment, track, and analyze every campaign

Send broadcast message to any latest connected channel

Create and manage campaigns across email, SMS, and WhatsApp from a single platform.

Send one-time offers on WhatsApp in bulk. Create a traditional e-mail onboarding journey, or use different channels as part of the same initiative.

Cutomize content for every customer

Draw from different data sources to shape messages that appeal to each person’s interests and preferences.

Make your messaging relevant. Adapt it to the recipient’s context and deliver it in their preferred language to ensure ensure a more personalized touch.

Get Laser-Focused with Customer Targeting

Targeting specific audiences using segments with AND/OR queries to target customers.

Only looking to engage customers in Indonesia who spent over $500, and haven’t made a purchase in the last 28 days OR are opted-in to VIP promos? Not a problem.

Uncover new insights

Drill into campaigns, channels, and content. Get the full picture of what’s working, what’s not, and where to improve your marketing efforts to maximize ROI.

Successfully implement this feature for various use case