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All in one communication

Omnichannel at The Core

Improve your existing SMS, WebChat, or Email performance, and adopt new ways of reaching customers including WhatsApp, Instagram Direct, or FB Messenger — our omnichannel platform is your one-stop shop communication platform.

Unified Messages Inbox

Single Thread Messaging Inbox

IS Messenger allows users to engage in seamless cross-platform communication through a single chat room. This innovative platform can efficiently identify customers from diverse channels, streamlining the process of customer interaction and support across various mediums.

Workflow Automation

Automate Action Within Platform

This Workflow governs the automation of customer messages. It streamlines the process of handling customer inquiries, ensuring that messages are efficiently directed to the appropriate agents and enabling businesses to manage customer interactions more effectively. 

Broadcast Messages

Multi-Channel Personalized Broadcast

Elevate communication with our feature. Send personalized messages across channels collectively, saving time. Tailor content, reach a wider audience. Strengthen relationships, amplify campaigns, and streamline coordination. Experience unified, impactful broadcasting today!


Omnichannel Chat Insights

Empower your business with Omnichannel Chat Insights. Effortlessly monitor, analyze, and optimize conversations from various channels in a single comprehensive report. Make data-driven decisions, enhance customer interactions, and unlock new growth avenues.

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